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September 16 |13:00 | from Schoenberg to monk |musica sacra maastricht


from schoenberg to monk

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from schoenberg to monk

musica sacra festival


The Musica Sacra Festival was founded in 1983 as a festival for religious music. Since then, the festival developed as a cross-over art festival located in the (semi) religious places in the city of Maastricht. Some of the most beautiful venues are located in the city centre.

The location of the concert is a big exception. The New European Ensemble plays in the AINSI: Art-Industry-Nature-Society-Innovation. This former industrial building is located next to the river the Maas and is now in use as a creative centre for Maastricht. Since 2005 the AINSI is on the list of monumental buildings of Limburg.


In 2017 it is the theme year from 'De Stijl': 'From Mondriaan to Dutch Design'. a 100 years ago, Piet Mondriaan founded 'De Stijl' in the city of Leiden. A new art movement was born which was to influence modern art worldwide. During the roaring 20's Mondriaan listened to Stravinsky and Satie while living in Paris. Later, in the 1940's he came to New York and was confronted with the dazzling bebop from Thelonious Monk who's concerts he frequented. The New European Ensemble and four artists from the collective 'Deframe' bring to live the musical world of Piet Mondriaan.


Arnold Schönberg Suite op.29 I Overture

Thelonius Monk Blue Monk

Gonzalo Gimenez Chamber Concerto I

Jakob van Domselaer Proeven van Stijlkunst III

Arnold Schönberg Suite op.29 II Tanzschritte

Igor Stravinsky Three Pieces for Clarinet III

Pierre Boulez Sonatine for Flute and Piano (Part 1)

Erik Satie Choses vues a droite et a gauche III Fantasie Musculaire

Gonzalo Gimenez Chamber Concerto III

Thelonius Monk Round Midnight

Arnold Schönberg Suite op.29 IV Gigue




New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague