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our mission


We want to share our passion for new music with a broad audience. While we enjoy playing in traditional concert halls we believe that simply performing for a devoted audience is not enough to keep new music alive. Therefore we collaborate with artists in other disciplines, play outdoors and raise social issues in our concerts. We want to show that new music is connected with real life, that it is meaningful, exciting and simply great fun to play and listen to.

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Connecting new music

with society

We play programmes that

address socially relevant issues like human rights and the environment.

Connecting new music

with the audience

We introduce our concerts from the stage to the audience. Visitors meet the musicians and composers in after-concert talks.


Connecting new music

with other art forms

Connecting new music

with tradition

We combine new music with visual arts, film, literature and theatre to share our passion for new music with a broader audience and to challenge ourselves artistically.

New music is closely connected with the past. We enjoy combining new music with the best pieces that more than ten centuries of western music have to offer.


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We keep new music alive and commission new works and organize workshops for young composers.

Connecting new music

with the world outside

We love to perform in alternative venues and outdoors.

Connecting new music

with the here and now

New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague