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17 march|New swedish works | 19.00 | stockholm


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new swedish works


The New European Ensemble presents works by three generations of Swedish composers. Lisa Streichis among Sweden’s most exciting up and coming composers. Her works have been performed across Europe, Japan and North America. Her quartet Nebensonnen from 2015 for clarinet and string trio commissioned for Helmut Lachenmann’s 80th birthday celebration, captures the image of multiple suns that can be seen on a clear and cold winter’s day. The work is made up of series of static, colourful microtonal chords out of which each instrument takes on an individual role. Miklos Maros originally hails from Budapest and has had a prominent career spanning five decades as a composer of opera, orchestral works and chamber music. He wrote Coallotino III in 2018 for the New European Ensemble and guitarist Jacob Kellerman. The guitar takes on a prominent, solistic role in this driving, energetic work. Britta Byström’s music has been performed widely in Sweden, her orchestral works were featured in performances by the BBC Symphony and the Helsinki Philharmonic. A Walk on Green Streets for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano and string trio was written in 2015 and is divided up into sections illustrating various walks in different towns that each have their own rhythmic and melodic characteristics. Marie Samuelsson started her career as a pianist and improviser before turning her attention to composition in the 1980s. Since then her orchestral and chamber music has been performed worldwide. Lufttrumma II (Air Drum II) for quintet was written for KammerensembleN in 1994. The work takes its name from the remarkable air ventilation drum played in the piece by the percussionist. The musical material is built up out of overlapping, driving, rhythmic patterns. Jesper Nordin is one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed composers. His works combine electronic sounds and acoustic instruments in innovative and surprising ways. In the Midst of Trespassing was written for the Nordin’s group Trio Trespassing and is made up of improvisatory material that has been sculpted and remixed. Jenny Hettne explores the relationships between acoustic and electroacoustic sounds in her music. The piece A Swarm Came in from the Dark for solo violin, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, viola and cello was for violinist Karin Hellqvist in 2014. The piece focuses on the natural harmonics in the strings, with the soloist taking on the role of a conductor like in a Baroque concerto.



Lisa Streich (1985) - Nebensonnen

Miklos Maros (1943) - Coalottino No 3

Britta Byström (1977) - A Walk on Green Streets


Marie Samuelsson (1956) - Lufftrumma II

Jesper Nordin (1971) - In the Midst of Trespassing No 2

Jenny Hettne (1977) - A swarm came in from the dark



Felicia van den End, flute

James Meldrum, clarinet

Malgorzata Walentynowicz, piano

Pepe Garcia, percussion

Jacob Kellermann, guitar

Rada Ovcharova, violin

Emlyn Stam, viola

Willem Stam, cello

Karin Hellqvist, solo violin on Jenny Hettne.



New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague