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19 december| 21:00 |the hague | theater branoul | 21 december | 20:30 | Ostade A'dam


Theatre branoul the hague

Every month, the New European Ensemble brings to you a new mix of literature, poetry and music in Salon Branoul



A rich life of contemplation, hidden rituals and spiritual practices were central to medieval Christian mysticism. The goal was to achieve a deeper understanding and closer union with God. Augustine’s Confessions paved the way for these experiences of which Hildegard writes in her Liber divinorum operum. In the 14th century Petrarch’s sonnets focused on worldly-life and was an important precursor for Renaissance humanism. The tradition of 20th century Estonian music connects with these historical facets of mysticism through the work of religiously-inspired composeres like Arvo Pärt and Ester Mägi. Violinist Mihkel Kerem presents his own work alongside the work of Heino Eller who found spiritual inspiration in the natural beauty of his native Estonia.


Branoul Theatre in The Hague is a small venue like you can find them in Berlin and Paris. In one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague you can enjoy intimate performances. With only place for 80 people, directly in front of the stage, you can almost smell the actors and musicians.

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New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague