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Magnus andersson

Magnus Andersson was born in 1981 in Arboga/Sweden and studied with Sven Aberg at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and with Nigel North at the Jacob's School of Music in Bloomington, USA.


As a mandolin, lute and electric guitar player, he is internationally active as soloist, chamber musician and basso continuo specialist, working with various groups in the early and contemporary music scene, such as the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Lauttencompagney Berlin, Händel Festival Orchestra, Elbipolis Barockorchester, Batzdorfer Hofkapelle, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Cappella Sagittariana, Accademia degli Umoristi and others. He has recieved several grants from the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden.

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Which pieces got you interested in new music?

Schönberg’s Serenade. I first played it with Jacob Kellermann in Stockholm, when we were both studying at the Royal College

of Music. We had Chrichan Larson as our conductor and instructor, he had played the piece multiple times with Ensemble Intercontemporain in the eighties. It was a great piece to spark one's interest, due to Schönberg's amazing sense of form, rhythm, humour, but also thanks to the physical aspect of playing the piece. I have forgotten how the performance went,

but Chrichan's conducting in the rehearsals was so inspiring and demanding that it made me thirsty for more music of this kind.


What makes playing new music in the New European Ensemble satisfying and worthwhile?

An obvious answer is of course the matter of dealing with the responsibility of playing in a chamber ensemble such as this,

where the level of knowledge and the drive of each player is so high. That one also has gotten to know good friends

in the group who share the same interests, sometimes both on and off stage, always makes the work worthwhile.


which non-classical music do you like?

1. Converge: homewrecker. From the Jane Doe album that somewhat changed the hardcore/punk/metal world for the good.

Good for relaxing and also one of the best live bands in the world.

2. Toby Keith: I love this bar. With an amazing backing band, Toby's greatest hit also has a wonderful video to it.

3. Charles Mingus: Memories of you. From his East Coasting album from 1957. So modern and so good!

4. Nasum: Helvete. A band that came from about 30 km west of my hometown in Sweden. Their lead singer and songwriter Mieszko Talarczyk tragically perished in the 2004 tsunami,

but this band still made the grind core into something that all fans of this kind of music can relate to.

5. Gillian Welch. Everything she's recorded with David Rawlings is good.

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