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Lars karlin

Lars Karlin was born in 1983 in Borlänge, Sweden, and started playing the trombone at the age of twelve under Hans-Göran Olsson at the Borlänge Music School. Further studies were made under Prof. Sven-Erik Eriksson in Stockholm, Prof. Jonas Bylund in Hannover and Andreas Klein in Berlin.


Lars has performed as a trombone soloist with several Orchestras such as the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, The Polish National Chamber Orchestra and The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. He is also member of the Trombone Unit Hannover since the start of 2008. Lars is a prize-winner of several international music competitions such as the Lieksa International Trombone Competition 2008, The Aeolus International Competition for Winds in 2010 Düsseldorf and the Deutsche Musikwettbewerb 2011 Berlin.


From 2011 to 2013 Lars held the principal trombone position in the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Denmark. He decided to leave his position for further studies in Berlin, where he now lives and works as a freelancer while finishing his Studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin. In February 2015 his first solo-CD ONLY Swedish Music will appear on the label Genuin.


Lars is member of the New European Ensemble since 2011.

questions & amswers

Which pieces got you interested in new music?

I think that my meeting with contemporary music must have been through listening to the trombone recordings of Christian Lindberg and the Ensemble recordings of the Stockholm Chamber Brass, where also my former Professor Jonas Bylund was a member. The piece that caught my ears extra much in that time was U-tangia-Na by the Swedish composer Anders Hillborg. This sudden and rhythmical composition by Hillborg, being played by two just fantastic musicians (Christian Lindberg on the trombone and Gunnar Idenstam on the Organ) just totally amazed me from the very start.


What makes playing new music in the New European Ensemble satisfying and worthwhile?

It's a privilege to play with great musicians from different parts of Europe. Contemporary music gives me as a performer a great deal of freedom, that I sometimes think orchestra playing does not offer in that same way. Playing contemporary music of today’s best composers is just a wonderful opportunity.


which non-classical music do you like?

1. The Hi’Los: Lazy Afternoon. In my opinion the best Jazz vocal group ever in history. Fantastic Arrangements and skilled acrobat-singers!

2. Chapter 2. Nils Landgren & Johan Norberg: There Goes my Heart. Trombone can sound this beautiful! ;) Tasteful arrangement of an old classic.

3. Kid Ory: Under the Bamboo Tree & Careless Love. Kid Ory never get’s old!!

4. Chicago: Hard habit to break. Love the sound of this group, especially in this time. 80’s never dies!

5. Charlie Norman: Anitra’s Dance, Boogie Woogie. Familiar tune in a different way. Charlie Norman was also a ‘Borlänge-grabb’! ;)

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