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friday 26 may 2017 | 20:00 | apeldoorn | theater en congres orpheus

eisler on the go

A co-production with KamerOperaProject


Hanns Eisler Jon van Eerd

Louis Jolesch Ekaterina Levental

Robert E. Stripling Vitali Rozynko

Helen Campbell Evi de Jean

John Parnell Thomas Mitchell Sandler


New European Ensemble

with Kimball Huigens piano

Stage director Machteld van Bronkhorst

Concept and script Paul Oomens

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theater en congres orpheus

After fleeing Nazi Germany, composer Hanns Eisler found a new home in the United States of America. On arrival he was welcomed and hailed as a celebrity. His welcome however soon wore out. Shortly after the end of World War II at the behest of senator McCarthy and the House of Representatives the regime commenced with a full-scale inquisition of communists and communist sympathisers. Hanns Eisler was unable to escape prosecution and faced relentless questioning from a parliamentary committee. He was found guilty of harbouring leftist sympathies and had to pack his suitcases once more. This dark chapter in Eisler’s life and American history comes to life in a brand new music theatre performance.


In Eisler on the Go the world of the post-war American government in all its paranoia, cruelty and neurosis collides with the idealistic and uncompromising inner life of the artist Hanns Eisler. The truth doesn’t seem to matter. There are no winners, only losers. The topical resemblances of this history to the political climate in our own time are striking.


The celebrated Dutch actor Jon van Eerd will perform Hanns Eisler and will be joined by a cast of excellent singers, who are accomplished in both classical and other musical genres. The musicians from the New European Ensemble will play the instrumental music by Eisler as well as perform small theatrical roles in the play.


Hanns Eiser’s music plays a central part in the production. Some of his chamber music will be presented alongside an extensive selection of his songs, including parts from his brilliant Hollywood Song Book, regarded by many as the 20th-century counterpart to Schubert’s Winterreise. Next to Hanns Eisler’s music intriguing songs by Marc Blitzstein can be enjoyed as well.


New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague