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Dr. miracle’s last illusion

A co-production with OPERA2DAY, De Dutch Don't Dance Division and

The Hague’s Koninklijke Schouwburg


Dr. Miracle Woedy Woet

Soprano Lucie Chartin

Soprano Kristina Bitenc

Soprano Martina Prins

Dance Violet Broersma

Voice Dr. Miracle Tom Jansen


A magical production with scenes from operas and ballets by Bellini, Offenbach, Verdi, Wagner and Stravinsky


New European Ensemble

conductor Hernán Schvartzman

director Serge van Veggel

about Dr. Miracle's last illusion


Magic and illusionism inspire Dr. Miracle's last illusion, the newest production of OPERA2DAY. We return to the period around 1900, when daily life was brightened by sparkling variety shows as well as a fascination with the world beyond the threshold of life and death.


The elusive illusionist Dr. Miracle is on tour with his theatre show, in wich he enthralls his audience with seemingly light variety acts. He challenges gravity and other laws of nature. During one of his shows, his assistant loses her life as a result of a tragic accident. Dr. Miracle gets intoxicated with the beauty of her transition to the eternal light. He is overcome by an overwhelming desire to relive this experience again. In his quest, he continually changes his appearance and gets lost in a mysterious world filled with sleep-walkers, lunatics, and lost souls. What are we looking at when Dr. Miracle appears on stage: light illusions or are we witnessing a series of ghastly murders?


Dr. Miracle's last illusion is both a flamboyant and melancholic production, full of suspense, and not lacking in humour or horror. The story is brought to life with enchanting scenes from operas and ballets by Bellini, Offenbach, Verdi, Wagner and Stravinsky. The show is also an imaginative tribute to opera and dance, where insane heroines often play major parts. These muses– and victims – of Dr. Miracle are performed by three renowned sopranos – Martina Prins, Kristina Bitenc and Lucie Chartin – and by dancer Violet Broersma from De Dutch Don't Dance Division. Woedy Woet, a Dutch award winning illusionist, plays the part of Dr. Miracle. The concept and the production originate from OPERA2DAY's artistic leader Serge van Veggel.

New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague