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18 june | 21.00 | Literary salon exiles| theatre branoul the hague

literary salon


salon branoul


Theatre branoul the hague

Every month, the New European Ensemble brings to you a new mix of literature, poetry and music in Salon Branoul




Exiles played a central role in the arts over the course of the 20th century. In the 1930s, many German artists sought the security of the American continent. Even today artists are forced to flee their home countries for reasons of security or because of censorship.  This program brings together various texts by writers who lived in exile over the past one hundred years. James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Salman Rushdie, Paul Celan and Syrian poet Adonis will be featured. Colourful music by composers who shared their fate, among them Kareem Roustom, Bela Bartók, Arnold Schönberg and Kurt Weill.


Texts by Paul Celan, Adonis, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Salman Rushdie


Music by Bartok, Schönberg, Krenek, Roustom, Kurt Weill




Branoul Theatre in The Hague is a small venue like you can find them in Berlin and Paris. In one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague you can enjoy intimate performances. With only place for 80 people, directly in front of the stage, you can almost smell the actors and musicians.

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New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague